Prolotherapy treatment heals body tissues by stimulating regeneration and repair. As a matter of fact, the solutions that are used in a prolotherapy treatment create inflammation and that’s the body’s way of restoring damaged tissues. In addition to that, inflammation increases the flow of nutrients as well as blood supply. This basically leads to the production of new collagen, a protein which makes up cartilage, tendons and ligaments.

Having said that, the outcome is an increase in thickness and strength of the structures together with the joint stabilization, hence, getting rid of the pain source. Prolotherapy treatment works on the premise which the plurality of pain in the skeletal and muscular system is caused by damaged or weak connective tissues such as cartilage ligaments and tendons, and most of these tissues are found in or around the joints. Connective tissues can be damaged or weakened in a multiple number of ways, whether through degeneration associated with suboptimal health or with aging, or through repetitive movements (sports).

The prolotherapy treatment is useful for treating or alleviating pain throughout the various joints and tissues of the human body; most of the musculoskeletal pain is believed to originate from weakened tendons and ligaments. It is because when these connective tissues are weak, they’re not totally supporting the muscles, thus, the muscles are actually forced to tighten and contract in order to take over the work of the tissues. After being constantly tight, spasms, pain and disability are the outcomes.

Proper Healing

The basic medical care for most of the sports-related injuries may involve physical therapy, steroid injections, rehabilitation or even non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as aspirin and ibuprofen. Physical therapy and rehab offer great health benefits and contribute to optimum healing. Steroid injections and NSAIDs, on the other hand, treat only the symptoms which is the pain, and usually have unwanted adverse effects with negative results; they actually do nothing to work on the actual root cause of the problem, which is usually a weakened tendon or ligament. However, what people do not even realize is that steroids and NSAIDs inhibit regeneration and repair of the cartilage.

Proper healing happens when the appropriate healing environment is offered to the body. It can involve the prolotherapy treatment to stimulate repair of the joints, exercise, physical therapy in some instances and nutritional support to give the body the needed raw nutrients to perform its job. All of these ensure proper support and functioning of all the tissues of the body.

Back to the Usual Activity After the Prolotherapy Treatment

One will typically be sore in days after receiving the Prolotherapy Texas treatment. It is because the professionals have already made areas of inflammation in the body tissue which leads to a temporary increase in pain. Actually, there are a lot of ways of addressing this kind of pain; gentle massage, pain relievers and heat are also very effective. If a person suffers pain which prevents them from doing daily chores, stronger pain relievers will be used.