A lot of us think about possible accidents that can happen if a person is aging. Several imagine falling off a sidewalk outdoor or tripping in a store. However, the CDCP has stated that about 60 percent occur at home. Home modifications must be done as you age with the assistance of our handyman contractors since your houses could be a place where accidents could often occur. This way, you can minimize the chances of falling and tripping. Also, this can make your home a lot safer.  

There are a lot of products available in the market, which can help make your property safer for aging persons, like motion sensor lighting, bathroom bars, and rubber grips to help keep carpeting and rugs in place. However, there’s a shocking number of possible accidents that could be prevented by just modifying your home’s layout and furniture. If you want to know more about this, here are some tips to modify your living room quickly that can make your property elderly-proof. 

Rearrange your furniture and enable a specific diameter for your pathways 

You can make sure that anyone won’t bump into anything is you allow your walking areas to be 4-foot wide. This also enables a wider space as you use a walker or cane. 

Guarantee that there are no existing sharp edges around you 

Sharp edges could be a much more massive risk for someone once he/she falls. Hence, guarantee that the furniture is positioned in such a manner that sharp edges and corners are out of any pathways or against the wall in the room. 

Add railings or lighting to places near the sunken living spaces and stairs 

Multi-level properties that allow people to utilize a couple of stairs to get to the living area could be dangerous for the elderly. You can reduce the chances of falling if you consider to place additional railings or add bright overhead lighting. 

Move thermostats and light switches to be easily reached 

Other kinds of switches, such as lights and thermostats could sometimes be associated with high walls You need to ensure that they can be reached easily anyone does not need to adjust to the situation by standing on a chair or stool, which is also hazardous.  

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