Resurfacing your pool can fix issues such as wearing and cracks, while it updates and improves the appearance of your pool as well. Even if resurfacing is not the usual pool service used by pool owners, it must still be part of your pool maintenance to-do-list. Here are some of the reasons to resurface your swimming pool and when you must do it:  


Leaks are present 

The longer you wait to fix a pool leak, the more it will be expensive. Hence, you should pay attention to the following indicators of leaks to determine whether you should resurface and repair your pool: 

  • Unbalanced pH levels that lead to damage 
  • Falling or loose tiles 
  • Wet grass spots close to the pool area 
  • Gaps or cracks in the concrete 

As soon as you can find any of the mentioned warning signs or when you are already worried that there are possible leaks, make sure to consult a pool expert or a landscaping company that provides pool services to inspect it.  

Materials are coming off 

If your pool surface seems quite like sandpaper and the raw gunite’s peeking through now, then it would be best to resurface your pool. Several various factors can lead the surface materials of your pool to come off and break down, which includes sudden change, unbalanced pH levels, and years of heavy use.  

When the layer’s surface begins to come off, it will only keep going as it spreads even more. Hence, it is vital to get your pool resurfaced as soon as you can see issues such as this.  

Staining is visible 

Pools can begin to become discolored after years of wear and tear. Such staining can come from the chemicals, minerals, or other materials in the water like natural debris and leaves. Try to inspect whether the stains are algae that either has shades of red, green, or another color. When you think you had an unsuccessful cleanings session, then now is the time to have your pool resurfaced or contact pool cleaning services Cedar Park. 

It is cold outdoors 

You cannot use your pool again until it is summer unless you have an indoor pool. That’s why now is the best time for you to resurface it so it is prepared once the weather totally warms up back. Your pool area may be out of your control while the temperature eventually gets even lower, however, that is a mistake. You need to keep up your pool now so you do not interfere in your swimming session later on.  

You are prepared for an improvement  

Resurfacing is more than a way to maintain and repair your pool. In fact, it can provide you the chance to improve and transform how your pool looks. Sure, you can improve the space by just resurfacing your pool. However, you can change it up as well with materials such as aggregates and tiles or select from various textures and colors to make your pool a really one of a kind entertainment area for you and your family.